Know About Social Media Security And Privacy!

We should always make people aware of the significance of social media security in our life. Having privacy setting in our social media account is helpful to be safer side.

Always put distinctive passwords for the different social media account

know about social media security and privacy

Generally, it has been observed that people have the exact same password for a different social media account. For instance, having a similar password for Facebook as well as for Instagram. Though it’s painful to put the different password for a different account at the same time, it is crucial to have a different password. The major reason behind it is that having an only one password in all different accounts makes it simple for computer thieves to steal all the important information.

Avoid sharing personal information

Social engineering refers to where hackers search for information that they can get it from your accounts. Information like Residence Address, Education Qualification, and Date Of Birth etc. Hackers attempt to enter into your account through distinct types of services. For instance, think about any strange person and the level of easiness that person’s faces while finding the address of your working place or the name of the college. After getting to know about all this then hackers try to search for the answers related to safety questions.  So it is worth noting that you should have your account private as much as possible. And always think before uploading any picture or putting any information on your social media account.

Always use the safety applications

Applications such as antivirus and antimalware do a screening of your information that has been feed so that it can protect from risky links and prevents you from any sought of upcoming danger.

Always block annoying people

If someone stalks you continuously then always block such stalkers instead of just ignoring them. And don’t forget to report it as spam. As a result, it will be checked and if by chance many people are doing the same thing then the account will be deleted.

Always put a lock on your mobiles

It can be possible that your phone goes into the wrong hands. In such cases, your important information can be stolen like your personal pictures or your company’s secret information. So to avoid such issues on your mobile it’s better to set a lock immediately after you buy any phone or get any phone.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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